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What We Wear Matters: Taking A Stand Against Fast Fashion

  • Eco-Friendly Hair Accessories: Spring Summer 2021 Color Trends

    Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner! With March 20th signaling for the flowers to start blooming and the sun to start shining, ev...
  • Headbands: The Perfect Hair Accessory

    With celebrities such as Jessica Alba and Zendaya out and about sporting their latest headband accessories it seems that the knotted headband and the turban or crisscross headband are the hot items to shop for. These fashion headband styles are easy and comfortable to wear and work just as well at the coffee shop as they do on the runway.
  • Sustainable and Stylish: Eco-Friendly Scrunchies

    The slow fashion movement is growing in popularity and it's about time! By changing our mindsets from disposable to sustainable we can help close the door on fast fast fashion for good. While a small purchase like a scrunchie may seem insignificant, please know that these small choices can make all the difference. By investing in high-quality, ethically made fashion you are using your purchasing power for good and helping to support a sustainable future.

  • Your Fashionable Guide to Face Masks

    With face masks continuing to the best form of protection against the spread of COVID-19, it's about time we start embracing them as part of our everyday wardrobe. Heck, if we welcomed the 90's back in with open arms along with giant scrunchies and velvet pants, we can surely do the same for masks. Since we know that face masks are here to stay, it's better to embrace them as the fashion staple that saves lives instead of a minor inconvenience.
  • Silk Scrunchies: The Perfect Hair Accessory

    Everyone wants to wake up to a good hair day, but if you're short on time, want a sophisticated updo fast, or just simply like to keep it simple, silk scrunchies are your style solution. Whether your hair is soft and long or thick and curly, pure silk scrunchies are made to help you save your hair while looking fabulous!


  • The Rise of Slow Fashion - Creating a World of Sustainable Manufacturing

    There is a growing recognition that unethical practices must stop. And this is starting with a conscious effort by consumers to ensure their spending habits align with what they believe is fair and humane. This is creating a new movement and leading to a new world of fashion that will be the death of fast fashion.

  • Exposing the World of Fast Fashion

    The fashion industry often slinks by our radar unnoticed and undetected, distracting us with shiny things and expressionless runway models. They fill our brains with the latest summer swimsuit must-haves and create clutch purse envy, one glossy magazine ad at a time. And we fall for it. We buy the clutch purse and the skirt and shimmy our feet into pointy triangles and call them shoes. We feel good. We look good. And wow, what a bargain!  But despite the honeymoon phase with our latest ensemble, we leave the store in complete ignorance of the despair we have just funded.