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Silk Scrunchies: The Perfect Hair Accessory

Skim through any of the latest fashion or hair magazines you can't help but notice that the scrunchie has made its biggest journey back from the time capsule since its original debut in 1963 by a man named Philips E. Meyers. With the '80s and '90s taking over the runway, this puffy hair accessory blast from the past comes in every size, print, pattern, and fabric. From giant scrunchies resting on top of your hair like a happy little cloud (yes, that was indeed a Bob Ross reference) to the understated 'skinny' or 'twiggy' sized hair scrunchie giving your ponytail that perfect yet subtle pop of color, there is no doubt that these gentle alternatives to hair ties are here to stay.

Scrunchies Make A Come Back

Though the scrunchie was first invented in 1963, it wasn't until 1986 that this iconic hair tie really made it big. Nightclub singer and pianist Rommy Revson was fed up with all the hair breakage her beautiful, long tresses had to suffer through as a result of elastic hair ties. So instead of singing the blues about her broken strands she went off and designed the first damage-free hair tie prototype naming it after her beloved toy poodle, who just so happened to answer to the name Scrunchie.

Ever since this monumental moment in hair history, the scrunchie has been topping the heads of models and movie stars alike making them a fashion staple. Though scrunchies were originally designed to rescue you from unsightly hair breakage, not all hair scrunchies are created equal. Depending on the quality of the fabric and design, a poorly made elastic scrunchie can still cause damage to your precious mane, and that's exactly the opposite of what we want. Don't fret, you can still decorate your ponytail and protect it too with high-quality pure silk scrunchies!

Hair Tie Fabrics That Can Damage Your Hair

When in the market for the best scrunchie for your hair, please keep in mind that most so-called high-quality scrunchies are made of cheap polyester or nylon and can do some serious damage to even the thickest of hair. Synthetic fabrics such as those mentioned above tend to be rough in texture causing friction against your hair which can lead to breakage and split ends. On top of that, these types of fabrics are also extremely toxic to the environment, so as a conscious consumer you want to avoid synthetics as much as possible.

The Benefits of Using A Silk Scrunchie For Your Hair

You may have heard of the beauty benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase to prevent wrinkles and split ends but what about the benefits of wearing a silk scrunchie in your hair? Scrunchies made from pure silk are the absolute best at saving your tresses from damage and preventing your hair from creasing and leaving the dreaded ponytail dent. Not only do they look and feel luxurious, but wearing scrunchies made of pure silk can be like a spa day for your hair!

Unlike synthetic fabrics, silk is an all-natural and sustainable fabric that is also considered one of the strongest fibers in the textile industry. Silk contains 18 amino acids and encourages a proper moisture balance due to silk's natural breathability. The incredibly soft and smooth surface of a silk scrunchie allows for your hair to glide safely over the surface without creating friction while helping to keep your hair smooth and damage-free.

With amino acids set aside, it's pretty clear that if you want to keep your hair looking fly without the flyways then your scrunchie fabric of choice should be made of 100% silk. But are silk scrunchies fashionable?

Pure Silk Scrunchies Are Hitting The Runways

Headbands and hair clips may have had their heyday with the revival of the scrunchie. The messy bun and top-knot have been topping the charts for quite some time and have been adorned with everything from shiny metal clips to chopsticks. While these hair accessories are still a fun and fabulous way to go from "I just woke up" to "I have a coffee date" in a matter of seconds, the simple and understated elegance of a low ponytail looped through a pure silk scrunchie is a hard look to beat.

With sustainable luxury fashion on the rise, all-natural fabrics such as momme mulberry silk and pure, soft silk charmeuse are becoming increasingly popular for scrunchies. Silk scrunchies add a touch of class and sophistication to any outfit and come in many different sizes, colors and patterns.

Giant or jumbo-sized silk scrunchies in a bold, bright pattern are a great way to add fun and sass to any outfit. If you're looking for a more classic look to pair with your favorite pair of jeans, try a muted pink or classic white silk scrunchie to add a bit of sophistication. Simply loop them around a low pony or bun making sure to keep the style loose and relaxed, and you're ready for your close up!

Silk Scrunchies Are Perfect For All Hair Types

Women with naturally curly hair often struggle when shopping for a hair tie that won't rip out their hair let alone stay put all day without causing damage. Curly hair tends to require more moisture and can easily become dry and frizzy but adding a proper hair conditioning routine and switching from elastic hair ties to pure silk scrunchies can help get those curls under control. Women with super thick or even regular hair textures can also reap the rewards of high-quality silk. A silk scrunchie is able to provide the same stay in place hold of an elastic hair tie all while keeping your hair safe with soft and elegant silk.

Everyone wants to wake up to a good hair day, but if you're short on time, want a sophisticated updo fast, or just simply like to keep it simple, silk scrunchies are your style solution. Whether your hair is soft and long or thick and curly, pure silk scrunchies are made to help you save your hair while looking fabulous!



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