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Josefa David is committed to sustainability from fabric to finish with complete transparency. 

Locally Printed

All of our fabrics are printed locally in Mississauga, Ontario. This allows us to oversee the entire production process. This includes monitoring eco-friendly production and waste disposal practices. Printing locally also ensures that our partners and their employees are treated fairly and are properly compensated.  


Handmade In Canada 

All items are handmade by Joséfa or by a local, professional seamstress who is fairly compensated and treated as a valued stakeholder of the company.

Handmade means that an item is made by hand or by a hand process in small batches resulting in superior quality. Your item was not mass produced; because of you, creators earn a living. 

You are supporting people's livelihoods with a responsible decision to redistribute wealth. Your actions influence the bigger picture - by not supporting mass-market production, unethical sourcing, or low-cost labor.