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How To Measure Yourself

Use the information below as a general guide when measuring
Head circumference for your headband 

1. Using a flexible ruler, hold measuring tape at front hairline.

2. Follow your hairline at nape. Continue around head to front starting point.

*Don't pull the tape too loose or your headband will be too big (they have an elastic at the back to give you more comfort)Measure 2 or 3 times to be accurate.

 41 - 52 cm  For children and women with much smaller head. 
 53 cm 
 For those with smaller head than average and teenager.
 53.5 - 57 cm
 Around 80 % of women are in those measurements 
 57 - 58 cm  For those measuring an average head size or bigger.



Face mask, two measurements 

Height: Using a flexible ruler, measure from bridge of nose under eyes, until just below the chin.

Lenght: Measure from ear-to-ear, across the nose. That measurement just needs to be smaller than the stated length for the mask.

Size Height Length
17 cm 
23 cm