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Timeless and elegant, silk is a fabric that makes any fashion apparel look and feels luxurious. Composed of natural proteins and 18 essential amino acids, silk is a breathable fabric that regulates body temperature keeping you cool in the summer and warm during those cold, wintery nights. Amongst silk’s checklist of positive attributes, silk is hypoallergenic, repels dust mites and is naturally mold resistant and flame retardant. 

A natural fiber that is inherently sustainable, the harvesting production of silk remains one of the cleanest of the textile industries. Silk is spun from long threads found in the silkworm’s inner cocoon. These threads are then gathered and spun together to prepare for commercial use. 

 This process requires no fertilizer or pesticides which means that silk can be harvested without introducing any toxic chemicals into the environment.

Silk is a fabric of natural beauty. Many synthetic fabrics are rough in texture and in return, rough on your skin. Silk is smooth and glides across the skin’s surface without causing irritation making it a great fabric of choice for those with sensitive skin. 

Silk is also a fantastic material for hair accessories. Silk scrunchies and silk hair accessories are great for those who want to keep their hair smooth and free from split ends. Even though cotton may feel soft to the touch, cotton actually grips and tugs on individual strands, causing damage and breakage. The natural properties of silk reduce friction against your delicate strands and won’t strip your hair of any natural oils leaving you with tangle-free tresses. 


For those of you who've never considered using silk for scarves, scrunchies, and headbands, now is the time to indulge yourself in the luxury of this eco-friendly fabric!