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Taking Responsibility


- We owe it to our planet to step up and take responsibility by putting an end to fast fashion. All Joséfa David brand designs are produced sustainably and with complete transparency. 

 - We believe in a well made design that can be worn for more than one season. By adhering to this principle we aim to break the cycle of cheaply-made, disposable fast-fashion, and to put an end to overconsumption.

- We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by the use of local labor, talent, and resources, thus avoiding costly and environmentally destructive transportation.

- We use only natural and sustainable fabrics to avoid polluting our planet, ensuring a future for the next generation.


Social Responsibility:  

- We are proudly Made in Canada!  Locally made goods strengthen our country's economy on a national scale and our labor laws ensure a fair wage and social benefits while supporting our social institutions through employees and business taxation.

- We employ local, eco-friendly fabric printers in Mississauga and when the amount of work is too big for Joséfa to sew alone, we hire seamstresses in North York so that they may have ownership equity. By hiring locally, we create and sustain our country's local employment as well as strengthen the local economy.

- We support local, fair-trade businesses by using their materials and suppliers. Not only does this provide production transparency, but we are also able to ensure that all suppliers abide by labor laws, minimum wages, social benefit contributions, workplace safety, and employee insurance.


One Of A Kind:

All Joséfa David artwork is created by Joséfa herself in her private studio and is copyrighted for protection. When you purchase a Joséfa David design you are purchasing a unique, one of kind piece that can not be replicated and sold anywhere else. All pieces are made by hand and fabrics are ordered in small batches to ensure controlled production and to balance supply and demand.