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Meet Our Dedicated Team: Transparency Behind the Scenes

Made With Love

Behind every Joséfa David accessory is the hard work and dedication of the people behind the scenes who have collaborated with us to make our brand possible for our beautiful customers.                                                                            
We would like to express our deepest gratitude to them and hope you too will feel the heart and soul that goes into our creations.

Our Models

Without models, fashion has no feeling. No emotion, no passion. Without them, a headband is just a piece of fabric. They are able to give a picture a thousand words. They give passion, elegance, and joy to an image. They adapt to any situation and for hours they pose until the perfect shot is taken. It is because of our talented models that today you are on our website and for that, we are forever grateful for their amazing work. 



Who are you? 
I am a model, actress and eco-warrior by day, unicorn by night. I am also the co-founder of Plasticfree Toronto (@plasticfreeto on IG), an education platform and sustainable community that I am so grateful for. I love my work because it allows me to support conscious brands like this one that aim to take care of people and the planet. 
What is your biggest dream? 
I hope to become my best self, and in so doing inspire others to do the same. The more people that love, the less people that hate. My ideal world is one where communities are resilient to climate change (and whatever other hardships come our way) because we have repaired out relationships to each other and the natural world.
What are your hopes for the future of fashion? 
My hope for the future of fashion is that brands start taking ownership of their impact, so they can empower and protect people around the globe instead of disregarding the value of BIPOC lives. Enslavement must end, environmental devastation in poor communities must end, unsafe working conditions must end, lack of BIPOC representation at every level must end, appropriation must end. Fashion has the power to do all of these things, and with sustainable brands rising up to lead the way, I am hopeful that change is coming.  


Who are you? 
I am a proud young black woman, a model, an athlete, a bachelor of science. A huge part of who I am is my passion for self-improvement, beauty, fashion, and expressing my creativity within my hobbies. 
What is your biggest dream? 
My biggest dream is to be able to confidently embody living life on my own terms. I want to exist as being somebody who a younger version of myself would aspire to be. I want to travel the world, be a positive inspiration for young women, and pursue my aspirations. No dream is too big!
What are your hopes for the future of fashion? 
My hopes for the future of fashion are for inclusivity and diversity to be considered the standard, not a trend. Representation needs to be abundant in all sectors of fashion. 

As a model relatively new to the industry, I have always treated fashion modelling as a way to enhance self-growth; not only to appreciate my stronger feature but to accept and embrace the "blemishes" and "flaws". One of my biggest dreams alongside modelling is to contribute towards mental health services. My heart echoes with the countless individuals who would give their all just for a sincere greeting. This leads to my hope that there will be more blatant distinctions between "portrayals and fantasy" and that of realism in the world of fashion, so that we can save people from falling into the traps of unrealistic physical aspirations.

Model Agency                                                                                                            

As an ethical fashion brand, it was important for us to work with an ethical modeling agency. Christopher has been an absolute delight to work with. Filled with kindness and compassion, the photo shoots wouldn’t have been a success without him. We have seen him care for his models on every level and that makes all the difference.


Who are you?
Christopher Massardo - Owner of Massardo Model Management 

What is your biggest dream for the future of fashion?
Continuing to see diversity grow within the industry and more opportunities for models of different ethnicities, shapes and sizes. I would also like to see more sustainability in regards to certain areas of fashion as well. 

What environment do you want to create for model?
Within my agency and the business relationship between model and agent, I try my best to ensure not only a safe environment for the models, but also that the models understand this industry as a business inside and out. Models (and their agents) want only what anybody wants in a work space —  a safe, happy and healthy environment where one can grow.

Our Marketing Team of One Person!   

Without marketing, a brand can never shine to its fullest. Sarah Fayvusovich ( appeared in my life at the moment where I needed her the most. The amount of work was impossible to carry alone on my shoulder. She allows me to focus on the creative aspect of my business and because of her, my company is well oriented toward what my customers needs. Her writing talent and researches have made my dreams come true. Sarah, I will forever be thankful for the quality of your work you have put into my company. It wouldn’t have been a success without you.



Who are you?
I am a content creator and copywriter who helps ethical entrepreneurs get their business up and running. I am a passionate people person and believe that we can use business as a force for good. 

What is your biggest dream for the future of fashion?
My biggest dream for the fashion industry is to see unethical practices brought to light and responsibility taken. I hope to see a change in the demand of the consumer by replacing ignorance with education. I wish for slow fashion to take the spotlight and for fast fashion to dig its own grave.

How do you want to help small sustainable entrepreneurs?
Working with sustainable and ethical entrepreneurs has become my passion. Being able to contribute my talents to a business with heart keeps me motivated and hopeful. So many young professionals out there have big dreams of creating a better world but many are told to abandon them and keep to societal norms and become part of a broken system. But I'm here to tell them to ignore the naysayers, help transform thoughts into actions, and take the world head-on!